antonio (spondaic) wrote,

A gentleman I have never met approaches me in a parking lot and hands me two round white tablets imprinted with a stylized "F" and then informs me that they will be necessary. I suck on the tablets for a moment before spitting them out and things quickly become weird. Memory lapses between happenings, vision is like looking through clouds of coral sperm and egg, the sunlight shining through sporadically, dust on everything. I walk aimlessly through a motel like environment, I find a nebulizer among many others marked with my name and a date on which I was the age of two, I pocket a make believe iPod found on a table whose playlist begins like that of a friend's and then I find myself in a messily occupied room whose occupants were out for the moment. I unpack my things as I am watched by a demented, diseased feline with patchy fur and yellow teeth and claws whose movements are like that of a marionette. I keep note of its location relative to mine through the corner of my eye as I move about the room. I suddenly realize by means of the appearance of keys in my pocket that I am not meant to be there and begin to repack my things. The beast attacks. Three dim girls walk in and are upset with me.

I sit on a recliner and watch as a dozen or so familiar strangers play video games on a 1970s small-screen television turned on its side. A knock on the door comes. A male puts down his video game controller and answers the door. I cannot see to whom he is speaking. He returns to inform the group that a female had been murdered and that any occupant of the room who is a vehicle owner must provide their vehicle to be searched. I collect my things and step out of the house and walk several blocks away via the sidewalks of a suburban neighborhood to retrieve my vehicle. As I arrive, I become aware of the fact that there is a bottle of Vodka in the trunk and a friend in the passenger seat with marijuana and a marijuana pipe. I share with him the current situation and he suggests that I allow him to smoke the remaining marijuana and then dispose of the pipe and hope the best with regards to the Vodka. I comply. He smokes, tosses the pipe from the window and I start the car and drive towards the house. He disappears. I park the car within sight of two parked patrol cars and step out onto a yellow inflatable dinosaur motorcycle which I start right up and begin riding toward where my vehicle is to be searched. The mother of a child who was playing in the street on which I was driving steps off the sidewalk into my path of motion and yells something about my being a hoodlum and that I should slow down. The inflatable dinosaur motorcycle becomes an inflatable dinosaur and I walk it over to the officers. Something insignificant happens, I return to my car and in it I attempt to return to the home in which I began only to become lost.

A friend of a friend I hardly know and in whom I have little interest and I enter a local BBQ restaurant in whose franchise I have worked in the past, walk through the dining room, down a hall and into the men's restroom. Standing at the door, looking to the left there is a stall with a sign which reads "Law abiding citizens only." It is known that this same sign once read "Whites only." Looking forward there is a larger room in which a local character sat on a milk crate, shaving using water from a mug. Along the back wall of this room there was installed a long basin type urinal above which there was a sign regarding its use being reserved for criminals, i.e., blacks. Beside this, a bed I once called my own along with a pile of interesting clothing, a small water-filtrated smoking device, an aquarium in which two Siamese fighting fish lived in cloudy water, an aquarium filled with the fruiting bodies of living p. cubensis and other miscellaneous possessions which were once mine. In a short while, a friend arrives presenting magical mushrooms unfamiliar to me which he suggests we consume. He informs me he will meet me shortly at my parents home with a number of other people and I nod agreement. Several persons enter the room, make use of it and leave. I gather a few belongings and leave the room. I am then at the home of my parents, standing on an outdoor staircase with several other persons, shoveling the fruiting bodies of an unknown fungus into our mouths. The ground below is swarming with police officers, security guards, highway patrolmen and men in unfamiliar but equally intimidating uniforms. One of the friendlies among us suggests we all go to the lake but we realize this may require interacting with the sea of trouble below. I prepare a plate of mushroom slices which appear as potato chips and top them with diced avocado, diced tomato, minced garlic and chives. With the world breathing in and out around me and most things alien, I hop in the Adolf-mobile and enter a confusing system of roadways, signs in foreign languages and bogey on my six at every moment. I munch on mush from a paper plate in the passenger seat. I turn onto a road marked "Do not enter" but think nothing of it until moving vehicles make the flow of traffic apparent. With traffic oncoming, I attempt to make a U-turn. A marked cop car drives on the opposite side of the road in the direction I had first attempted to drive. He lights the car up and disappears. I frantically give up on the U-turn, scrape the bottom of the car on a median and travel in the direction the cop car went. A moment later I see him speeding in the opposite direction, red and blue flashing. Another moment goes by and three marked SUVs traveling against traffic in the lanes in which I am travelling stop before me with their lights on preventing my moving forward just as the first marked car appears in my rear view mirror.
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