antonio (spondaic) wrote,

Was kicked out of the Falcon Trace home, stayed with a girl who doesn't dig the way I dig for a bit in Deerfield or wherever the party ended some nights until she could no longer stand to be near me. Renting a tiny, grimy room now for nothing. I am told that I am only the second person in five years to clean the bathroom and believe it. Dreams of getting things done, making money. Smoking too many goddamn cigarettes, not biking enough.

Five bottles of wine between four people, drove a Jeep into a tree, shattered a wine bottle out of nowhere, tried to kiss a girl with a mouthful of glass, pushed a Civic not too far, made a lot of noise, asked too many questions. One body found himself lost on the compound in boxers in which he urinated and entered some home which he cannot recall which was perhaps one which does not belong any family member of mine; Another body slept without any person on which to hold but had a good time regardless.
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